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bob & shar langley


Bob was raised in Nashville, TN. He began playing guitar at a very young age, and at 16 years old, Bob began performing in venues all over the South.  As his popularity grew in the 80's hard rock music scene, so did his exposure to a very decadent lifestyle.   Although it was Bob’s dream to become a rock star, God had very different plans for his life.  In 1992 a friend began sharing Jesus with Bob after seeing him struggle with drug addiction. Soon after, he entered the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program. After successfully completing the program, he was offered the

opportunity to work on staff in New York City for the founder of Teen Challenge, Pastor David Wilkerson. While serving at Times Square Church, Bob met his wife Sharleen. Bob currently serves as the Chaplain at the Monterey County Jail.


Sharleen was raised in Salinas, California.  As a child she attended a church where she was consistently exposed to the dynamic presence of the Holy Spirit! Shar attributes her mother’s unwavering example of a daily Christian walk and devotion to Jesus as the greatest gift her mother ever gave her.  At the age of 19, Shar’s pastor encouraged her to further her Christian walk by attending Bible College.  After seeking the Lord, she attended Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX.  It became a crucial turning point in her life.  After her time in Dallas, Shar took the opportunity to move to New York City where, while working and traveling abroad with several Missions teams, she joined the choir at Times Square Church and met her husband.


The Langley’s married in New York in 2001, and have lived in California since 2004.


The rest of our story...

Since we have both served in ministry for years, and have worked on staff at great churches, we considered ourselves “good” Christians. But we continued to feel there was more...that something was still missing. In 2009, we came to a crossroad in our lives. We were challenged with a ‘full-surrender message’….that is, literally, a FULL surrender to His Lordship! Wow…at that time we thought we WERE fully surrendered!  We were Christians, we went to church, we served in ministry, we shared our faith with others, we prayed, etc.  How could we do more than that?!!!  As we reviewed our lives, we realized that we would faithfully pray about the “big” things going on in our life, but most of the time we would end up making decisions based on our own logic, then asking the Lord to bless it. Occasionally we knew He was specifically speaking to us about something, and we would do our best to obey, but as a rule our days were ‘ordered’ by our own ideas and thoughts.  Often, people are fine with making Him Savior, but true ‘Lordship’ requires so much more. It means total surrender of every area of our lives…even denial of self will! But we have discovered that as we began to set Him as the Lord of our lives (and not just Savior) - THAT is where we have found true peace and purpose in our lives. We find who we were created to be as we listen, obey and walk out what God is speaking to us in every single area of our lives, no matter how small it might seem to us in the big picture. It might even look opposite at times to what the world might think is right or successful for us.  But the Word tells us that God’s ways are higher than ours! Christians serve a supernatural God who is not bound by natural laws. God wants to have an intimate relationship with each one of us, and we have truly found that to be true when we daily surrender ourselves and abide in Him!

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